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Date: 1/17/2017

France 2017 is a truly global event with 24 countries from across the world competing for world championship glory.

For those fans who cannot come and experience the fast-paced action of one of the most popular sports in the world live, 180* TV markets, through 30 broadcasters will be showing the games from the playing halls across France to a reachable audience of 147 million households.

New countries for 2017 include Albania, Turkey, New Zealand and Japan.

Do not forget to also visit the IHF YouTube channel at for behind-the-scenes footage, match highlights, interviews and more.

To find you where you can catch all the excitement of the championship, see the list of broadcasters in territory and country order below.

If your country is not listed, then host broadcaster beIN Sports have developed an app that provides a live streaming solution in all markets where there is not a broadcaster. This ensures that wherever fans are in the world there is always a way of watching live coverage of France 2017.
The app features:

- four live simulcast channels so you will never miss a moment
- All the latest results, fixtures and rankings
- The latest news, videos and match highlights
The app store links, when the apps are live, will be:
•       iOS
•       Android

*Original information published Tuesday 10 January 2017 - updates on 17 January in bold.


Andorra - beIN Sports/TVE
Belarus – National State TV and Radio Company of the Republic of Belarus
Bosnia and Herzegovina - BHRT
Croatia - RTL
Czech Republic - Sport1
Denmark - DR, TV2
France - beIN Sports/TF1 (sub-licence)
French Overseas Departments and Territories - beIN Sports
FYRO Macedonia - Macedonian RTV
Germany – DKB (Online) see HERE for further information
Greece - Nova
Hungary - Sport1
Iceland – RUV
Israel - Charlton
Monaco - beIN Sports
Montenegro - RTCG
Netherlands – Ziggo Sport
Norway - TV2
Poland – TVP
Republic of Ireland - Eurosport
Romania – Romtelecom
Russia – Match TV
Slovakia - Sport1
Slovenia - RTV Slovenia
Spain - TVE
Sweden – Discovery/Eurosport
Switzerland - TV24
Turkey – beIN Sports/Digiturk
UK – Eurosport


Afghanistan – Eurosport Asia
Bahrain - beIN Sports
Bangladesh – Eurosport Asia
Bhutan – Eurosport Asia
Brunei – Eurosport Asia
Cambodia – Eurosport Asia
China – Perform (broadcaster TBC)
East Timor – Eurosport Asia
Hong Kong - beIN Sports/Eurosport Asia
India – Eurosport Asia
Indonesia - beIN Sports/Eurosport Asia
Iran - beIN Sports
Iraq - beIN Sports
Japan – DAZN
Jordan - beIN Sports
Kuwait - beIN Sports
Laos – Eurosport Asia
Lebanon - beIN Sports
Macau – Eurosport Asia
Malaysia – beIN Sports/Eurosport Asia
Maldives – Eurosport Asia
Mongolia – Eurosport Asia
Myanmar – Eurosport Asia
Nepal – Eurosport Asia
Democratic People’s Republic of Korea – Eurosport Asia
Oman - beIN Sports
Pakistan – Eurosport Asia
Palestine - beIN Sports
Philippines - beIN Sports/Eurosport Asia
Qatar - beIN Sports
Saudi Arabia – beIN Sports
Singapore – Eurosport Asia
Korea – Eurosport Asia
Sri Lanka – Eurosport Asia
Syria - beIN Sports
Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) - beIN Sports/Eurosport Asia
Thailand - beIN Sports/Eurosport Asia
UAE - beIN Sports
Vietnam – Eurosport Asia
Yemen - beIN Sports


Australia - beIN Sports
Cook Islands – Eurosport Asia
Federated States of Micronesia – Eurosport Asia
Fiji – Eurosport Asia
French Polynesia – Eurosport Asia
Guam – Eurosport Asia
Kiribati Islands – Eurosport Asia
Nauru – Eurosport Asia
New Caledonia – Eurosport Asia
New Zealand – beIN Sport
Niue – Eurosport Asia
North Mariana Islands – Eurosport Asia
Palau – Eurosport Asia
Papua New Guinea – Eurosport Asia
Pitcairn Islands – Eurosport Asia
Samoa – Eurosport Asia
Solomon Islands – Eurosport Asia
Tonga – Eurosport Asia
Tuvalu – Eurosport Asia
Vanuatu – Eurosport Asia
Wallis & Futuna Islands – Eurosport Asia


Algeria - beIN Sports
Angola – Fox Sports
Benin – Fox Sports
Botswana – Fox Sports
Burkina Faso – Fox Sports
Burundi – Fox Sports
Cameroon – Fox Sports
Cape Verde – Fox Sports
Central African Republic – Fox Sports
Chad - beIN Sports/Fox Sports
Comoros – Fox Sports
Congo – Fox Sports
Democratic Republic of Congo – Fox Sports
Djibouti - beIN Sports/Fox Sports
Egypt - beIN Sports
Equatorial Guinea – Fox Sports
Eritrea – Fox Sports
Ethiopia – Fox Sports
Gabon – Fox Sports
Gambia – Fox Sports
Ghana – Fox Sports
Guinea – Fox Sports
Guinea-Bissau – Fox Sports
Ivory Coast – Fox Sports
Kenya – Fox Sports
Lesotho – Fox Sports
Liberia – Fox Sports
Libya - beIN Sports
Madagascar – Fox Sports
Malawi – Fox Sports
Mali – Fox Sports
Mauritania - beIN Sports/Fox Sports
Mauritius – Fox Sports
Morocco - beIN Sports
Mozambique – Fox Sports
Namibia – Fox Sports
Niger – Fox Sports
Nigeria – Fox Sports
Rwanda – Fox Sports
Sao Tome & Principe – Fox Sports
Senegal – Fox Sports
Sierra Leone – Fox Sports
Somalia - beIN Sports/Fox Sports
South Africa – Fox Sports
Sudan - beIN Sports/Fox Sports
Swaziland – Fox Sports
Tanzania – Fox Sports
Togo – Fox Sports
Tunisia - beIN Sports
Uganda – Fox Sports
Zambia – Fox Sports
Zimbabwe – Fox Sports


Antigua & Barbuda - beIN Sports
Argentina - TyC Sports
Bahamas - beIN Sports
Barbados - beIN Sports
Bolivia - TyC Sports
Brazil - Globosat
Canada - beIN Sports
Chile - TyC Sports
Colombia - TyC Sports
Costa Rica - TyC Sports
Cuba - beIN Sports
Dominica - beIN Sports
Dominican Republic - beIN Sports
Dominican Republic - TyC Sports
Ecuador - TyC Sports
El Salvador - TyC Sports
Grenada - beIN Sports
Guatemala - TyC Sports
Haiti - beIN Sports
Honduras - TyC Sports
Jamaica - beIN Sports
Nicaragua - TyC Sports
Panama - TyC Sports
Paraguay - TyC Sports
Peru - TyC Sports
St Kitts & Nevis - beIN Sports
St Lucia - beIN Sports
St Vincent & the Grenadines - beIN Sports
Trinidad & Tobago - beIN Sports
Uruguay - TyC Sports
USA - beIN Sports
Venezuela - TyC Sports

News Access only

Germany - ARD/ZDF, N24, Sky, Sport1, ProSievenSat/, RTL, Sport-Informations-Dienst (SID)

Switzerland - Swiss TV (TBC)
Worldwide - Perform/Omnisport, EBU (TBC)


France - Radio France, RTL
Germany - ARD Radio (TBC)
Spain - RTVE, Onda Cero

Betting Streaming

Worldwide - Perform/watchandbet

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    Marine Lcz 11 January 2017

    How to watch the world cup in Belgium

    Hi, i am living in Belgium. There is no broadcaster listed and the app 'is not available in this country'. How can i watch France 2017 in Belgium? Best

    Hartmut Lebold 11 January 2017

    Ziggo in The Netherlands

    I checked the sports tv agenda of ZIGGO.NL and there is nothing mentioned that they broadcast the handball world cup live from Fance. How can i watch it in the Netherlands when they don't broadcast it and i cannot download the app. Did you advice the correct broadcaster here in the Netherlands ? thanks

    Piet van Zanten 12 January 2017

    Live stream only broadcasts the final, so we should be able to watch all the other matches on the app.