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Date: 7/14/2017

Today, 14 July 2017 the IHF Women’s Handball Working Group met for the first time at the IHF Head Office in Basle, Switzerland. The Working Group was formed according to the unanimous decision of the IHF Council made in its meeting in Bratislava, Slovakia on 23 July 2016 and is chaired by Narcisa Lecusanu, 2005 IHF Women’s World Championship silver medallist and former Secretary of State for Youth and Sport for the Romanian government as well as former Vice-President of the Romanian Handball Federation. Bente Aksnes (NOR), Liudmila Bodnieva (RUS), Alexandra Do Nascimento (BRA) and Leonor Mallozzi (POR) complete the IHF Women’s Handball Working Group.


The working group’s objective is to deal with any tasks related to women’s handball for the benefit of the further development of women’s handball and in their first meeting with the IHF, represented by IHF President Dr Moustafa, Managing Director Amal Khalifa and Competitions Director Patric Strub, they discussed the current status of women’s handball and a future development plan.


The focus of the meeting was put on the collaboration to promote women’s handball worldwide. With girls dropping out of the sport after they leave their youth teams for a variety of reason, the promotion of handball becomes more and more important. “It’s a huge challenge but it’s a very exciting one at the same time”, Mallozzi said.


All members of the IHF Women’s Handball Working Group explained their situation, personally and within the federation, and all participants exchanged new ideas to develop women’s handball around the globe. One of these ideas was the creation of a hub through which everybody can connect.


Another important issue was the players’ life besides handball and their path after they end their careers. For some of them it is a difficult transition as they lack the time to get, for example, a coaching licence to continue with handball. As the focus of the IHF is to deliver a lot of information, educational material and even courses online, the first step is made to solve that problem.


Furthermore, a questionnaire will be elaborated which will be sent to the federations and players to get their input on how to reach the target, the development of women’s handball. The next major chance for promotion is the Women’s World Championship in Germany in December 2017 where we will see the women’s top teams competing. The senior world championship is the number one event in women’s handball and as the Working Group’s chairwoman Lecusanu explained it needs to be a brand, an own product.


The meeting was a first step on the long road to achieve the target ‘development and promotion of women handball globally’.