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Date: 10/3/2017

In collaboration with the Polish Handball Federation, the International Handball Federation ran a new-concept Handball at School course in Lublin, Rzeszów and Kielce from 13 to 23 September 2017. The updated course structure was designed for Physical Education teachers and licence D coaches, featuring 25 teaching units to be completed over a minimum of three full days.


160 people took part in the courses conducted in three cities, which saw three days of intense discussion and critical thinking about teaching and training handball in the most efficient, competent manner. Poland goalkeeper Slawomir Szmal, who has won three World Championship medals (silver in 2007, bronze in 2009 and 2015) and the VELUX EHF Champions League with his club, Kielce, was among the participants. He is currently leading a programme for young players aiming to develop their skills to the highest level.


IHF H@S expert and member of the programme’s working group, Luisa Estriga, conducted the courses, presenting new ideas, concepts and methods designed to enhance appreciation, understanding and skills of game play.


“The main outcome was to learn how to set up a learning and training environment for beginners, making the process enjoyable, fun and more effective,” said Ms Estriga. “The participants showed quite high commitment and enthusiasm to bring these new ideas into practice.”


The IHF H@S programme aims to encourage young children to not only learn about handball as a possible sport of choice for their future, but also to embrace a healthy, active lifestyle. The programme was introduced to help make handball an integral part of the physical education curriculum at schools around the world. More information on H@S can be found here.